Zig-Zag landscapes and the scoop on Humpty Dumpty

Students in grades 4 – 7 Visual Arts created “landscapes” from fan-folded paper and are now preparing for an on site and online exhibit. We created the project by making nonparallel folds on heavy paper which we glued to a cardboard base. We used acrylic paint, pastels and pencil to add some color. Students photographed the finished projects and now we are cropping and adding the pics to a website page. To peek at the online installation thus far go to Zig-Zag Landscape 2012.

This week in Music Class, we worked with instruments for the first time! Drums, claves (rhythm sticks) and bells were played to a follow the leader game, responding to cues of claps, snaps and pats. In this way, group participation was reinforced as well as working on rhythm memory. We also experimented with telling a story using vocal sounds and no words or melodies. Ask you child to tell you the story of Humpty Dumpty. What terrific and creative ideas the kids had!

In Children’s Choir, outside we went on Friday for blowing bubbles during children’s choir. Not only fun, it helped underscore the feeling of steady breathing. We practiced our steady breathing while we reviewed our song I Saw Esau and learned new parts to it. In addition, we began talking and mapping patterns in music, starting with Choco-la-te and ended class learning a new piece, Criss Cross Applesauce. 

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