Yeast, integers, denominators and sharing with our community

What sweetener is best for yeast growth? Ask any sixth or seventh grader. They all had their own hypotheses, and had a chance to put theirs to the test. I chose the sweetener options this time, but over the next few weeks the students will be choosing their own parameters.

These past two weeks, the grade 7 Pre-Algebra students have been learning about how to add, subtract, multiply, and divided integers.  Remember those old days of “a positive times a negative is a negative”.  That’s what we are doing.  But we are also now using integers when we have expressions that need to be simplified using the order of operations.  Students got the opportunity to work with Algebra Tiles when we started learning about integers.

6th grade Math students have been learning how to find the Least Common Multiple (Denominator) and will soon be using this to add fractions with different denominators. This week, we will begin collecting data so that we can learn how to input this into Tinker Plots.

McGuffey students share with our community! Each spring the McGuffey students participate in a program called SOAR (Students Outside Active and Running). Students spend their lunch recess each day for about a month running on a course around the schoolyard. They collect pledge money for all of their miles to go towards the Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry. This week, Mike Johnson from the Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry came visited McGuffey, and we presented him with the fruits of the students’ labors. They had run collectively over 1,045 miles and we donated $2,361.63! Our students all enjoyed the feeling of giving to others and the opportunity to talk with Mike Johnson about this summer’s weather and the financial impacts it has had on our area. McGuffey students will have the chance to help again in a few weeks when the food pantry will be packing holiday bags for patrons.

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