Writer’s Workshop

If you come into the Primary unit around 11:00am you will see Writer’s Workshop in progress.

We (Carla and Janet) believe that it’s imperative for students to see themselves as readers and writers at the earliest opportunity. In this way, students develop habits of thinking about literacy that will sustain them through later grades. One way to help our primary students view themselves as writers is to have a daily Writer’s Workshop. We can’t stress enough the importance of writing daily.

Children become better writers by practicing often. Students need to write everyday so they can stay interested in their story. Students lose interest if they only write once every few days.

One to one conferencing is also part of our daily writing. Students meet with us and go over their writing. We work together with a student and give suggestions to help them improve as a writer.

The last part of Writer’s Workshop is the Author’s Chair. Two or three students share their writing with the class listening. This gives the Authors the chance to see what their classmates understand and also what they don’t understand about each writer’s story. The students enjoy being the Author and sharing.

If you are not busy between 11:00 and 12:00, stop on in and see great writer’s writing or grab a pencil and paper and start writing with us.

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