Why We Wear Masks

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners have been learning why we wear masks. We began our study by talking about the safety changes this year to keep ourselves and others safe from germs and how scientists of all kinds are researching and learning about this new virus to help us all.

We learned that wearing masks is a way to help others and ourselves. Washing our hands before we eat snack and lunch keeps ourselves safe and washing hands after we eat keeps others safe. Some viruses spread through droplets in the air and that’s why we’re being careful not to get too close for too long, to eat separately, and to stand in line with space between us. We know some people can get a virus and never know they have it while others can feel awful if they get sick. Kindergarteners went deeper into the subject, learning that there are four types of germs: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. We were fascinated to find that not all germs are bad for us and what we can do to help our bodies fight off germs that would make us feel sick.

Works for exploration included three-part cards of scientists and the tools scientist use, matching silhouettes, sorting pictures of science and healthcare by size, and learning the correct way to wash our hands.

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