Where are they now?

I recently received the following about Thea Bartlett (my niece) and wanted to share with you how she is using all that math and science that she learned to love while at McGuffey.  This was taken from the Eckerd College news letter:
Thea Bartlett ’16, who is majoring in marine chemistry and minoring in mathematics, and Corday Selden ’14, who is majoring in biology, are working with Eckerd Professor of Marine Science and Chemistry David Hastings, Ph.D., on marine sediments affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Thea’s research specifically addresses trace metal levels in the sediments of the Gulf of Mexico to determine reduction-oxidation reactions which may have occurred after the oil spill. Corday is looking at the foraminifera in the sediments, and seeing if the changing oxygen conditions in the mud has changed the abundance of foraminifera. Low or no oxygen might kill these microscopic, one-celled marine organisms. This research will likely lead to a senior thesis.

As a math teacher, I am really happy to see that she is minoring in math.

Marcia McIntosh

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