Wheel of Life: Food Chain of the Temperate Forest

As Lower Elementary continues their study of Biomes, they’re taking a closer look at the each of the six components that make up a biome. They’re currently exploring energy, which means understanding its importance and observing how it is exchanged within the biome.

They investigated the food chain within a temperate forest, a cycle that continuously repeats itself. After they discussed the life cycle, students had an opportunity to illustrate it on their own. More or less text was included, depending on grade level and personal preference.

The lesson within the lesson was determining how to share one work amongst an entire class. Students facilitated this entirely on their own over the course of several days. They negotiated who needed each piece at what time, and choosing to work in close proximity so resources could be shared.

We love interdisciplinary projects like this. They build skills in many areas—science, art, and language—but also include social learning.

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