Weekly Sharing in the Upper Unit

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On Wednesdays, the Upper Elementary and Middle School students at McGuffey Montessori have a designated time when they share one of their interests with the rest of the class. Sharing is an important part of the week and an important part of developing organization skills, learning to speak before a group, and building confidence. It encourages students to delve into different subjects. It is also a chance to invite teachers and classmates to come into the student’s world for a few minutes, which builds community.

Shared topics have included: banjo and piano playing, yoyos, Rubik’s cubes, stuffed animal collections, RC helicopters, sports, hobbies, pets, and much more. This week’s share was “The Art of Special Effects Make-up.”

Julia (with her assistant, Maren) and several volunteers who were willing to receive bruises, cuts, gashes and burns, demonstrated the techniques and secrets Julia uses to produce these effects. Students loved seeing and asking questions about Julia’s very interesting hobby.

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