States, math books and weaving

The Intermediates are exploring the South Atlantic States in their Geography Warm-Ups.  We know the names and capitals of these eight states.  We know the Atlantic Ocean borders on the east.  We found out what a bay and gulf are.  We know why Washington D.C. was chosen as the capital and which river runs through it. We also found out why you can’t go shopping at the Mall In Washington.

The students are finishing their unit on Lenses and Mirrors with a look and the ones used in telescopes. In Math, each student is working hard creating multiple books that showcase what he or she know in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And happily, just before winter break, we have begun a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) project. The students are weaving on looms they have created. The patterns they weave are of their own design, and when they are complete, they will choose what they want to make from their weavings. It is thoughtful and relaxing to work with them on their projects. Even the hammering!

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