W.O.W. Art Show, Part Two

SUNSET: Painting of a sunset and hand made with paint and canvas.

CAT FOOD: I made this painting with acrylic paint on a regular canvas. It is inspired by the internet memes “Can I has this hamborgor?”, Grumpy Cat, and more. I was going for a cartoony style by outlining everything with black acrylic paint.

SEASONS: I painted a hidden barn in the woods and a barn in the middle of nowhere. I used paint on canvas.

THE BLUES: This piece was made entirely by paint plus lots of love. It’s meant to convey, “No matter your skin color, YOU matter.”

CHARACTER: My W.O.W. is a character and how his many themes and art styles change until I have his perfect version. I made it to show how many changes an artist makes before a character is fully finished.

SNAKES BY GRADE ONE: Constructed with newspaper, foil, and masking tape. Covered with papier mâché and painted with acrylic paint. Snake accessories include collaged collars and leashes.

MULAN PICTURE AND BALANCE SCALE: My painting is a picture of Mulan with glued feathers on her dress. It is also made of paint and glue. The balance scale is made out of toilet paper rolls, some fake people, an old slinky, gemstones, and paint. I made it because I am interested in science

JEWEL: My jewelry box is made of cardboard, mini-hinges, paint, stuffing, felt, and popsicle sticks cut into pieces. My project is a little jewelry box for mini things and jewelry. I made this project because I love mini things and I love jewelry. The main reason I made this is because I love being creative and I love crafts.

SCIENCE LAB: My project is a science lab. it is made out of bottles, cardboard, straws, slinkies, rocks, rubber, Jenga Blocks, lids, plastic and hot glue. I love science!

My project is a jewelry box. I made it out of cardboard, hot glue, metal, felt, and stuffing. I made it because I LOVE jewelry and making it.

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