W.O.W Art Show, Part Three

A FOREST OF SPRAY PAINT: I made a spray paint picture with a waterfall. The canvas is made of a big piece of cardboard painted white. The actual painting is made of spray paint. I made it to get on the painting side of myself.

PINCH POTS BY GRADE TWO: Air-dry clay pinch pots constructed by coil. Painted with acrylic paint and sealed with Mod Podge.

AMERICAN FLAG: I made an American flag out of fabric and lots of types of red, white, and blue string. I made it because I am proud of my country.

THE LIGHT: My collage of a person is made out of paper and pen. I thought it would be fun to make.

CRAZ’S PRIDE PARADE: This project is about inclusion and pride! It is made with paper, markers, and pencils. I made this because recently I discovered something about myself that others may relate to. Ask me if you’re curious!

SUB TANK: Cardboard backpack with an underwater side. It represents the world underwater that we don’t know about.

JOKER’S MASK: I made a mask out of papier mâché and some paint. The mask is of the character of the Joker.

THE PARK HAT: I made a hat. It looks really cool because it has little people and little trees on it and it looks like a park. The people are colored with Sharpie pens and the hat is made out of an old hose. There are apples on the little trees.

PROJECT SKY: My project is finger-knit yarn that I used on my ombre painting to make clouds and a frame. It was inspired by my relaxation knitting and because I love ombre.

JAUNDELDINGER’S CABIN: I made this project because I have been trying to make a weatherproof building. My project is made of dowel rods for the frame and popsicle sticks for the walls.

STITCHES THE SCRAP DOLL: I made this crown so I could slowly work on it over several days when I felt like I had nothing to do. It’s made out of wire and found items.

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