W.O.W. Art Show, Part One

SILO: My project is a silo. My silo is made out of clay and popsicle sticks. I made a silo because I like being on the farm and it reminds me of the farm.

CLAY CAT: My project is clay cats and a little bed for them. It is made out of clay, paint, felt, string, and stuffing. I made it because I love making stuff with clay and I love cats.

THE GIANT EAGLE: My project is a giant eagle made out of cardboard that I plastered and then painted. I made it because it seems cool. My favorite part is the wings.

MECHANICAL FOX: My creation is made of many materials like cardboard, plastic, and fake fur. I like doing stuff like this because it’s fun.

TREE HOUSE: My project is a tree house. It is made of cardboard, plastic, and wood. I was thinking about the forest at the time.

FASHION SHOW: My project is a fashion show. My project is made out of wood, cardboard, and fabric. I made it because I wanted to make something my friend would like.

BEE ON A STICK: My bumble bee on a stick mimics a bumblebee. The bumble bee is made of a stick and a wooden statue. It is a non-stinging bumble bee.

FISH NECKLACE: This is a beaded necklace that looks like a little fish. It looks bouncy on your neck. It is made out of beads, thread, metal.

BIG HOUSE IN THE ART ROOM: A house made out of craft sticks, hot glue, and metal hinges.i___________________________________________________________

During the Harvest Supper on October, artists in Grades 3-8 presented their Wonderful Original Works (W.O.W.) projects in an art show. The artists developed a plan for their project and worked on their pieces over the course of 6 weeks. From sculptures of animals, self portraits, and wire crowns, artists presented projects that they were passionate about and dedicated towards. Artists in Grades 1-2 presented group projects which included air dry pinch pots and papier mâché snakes. All W.O.W. projects were paired with an artists statement which were carefully crafted for display. 

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