Volunteering at McGuffey

Thank you for volunteering at McGuffey Montessori School!

1.  Complete ALL of the following forms.
You should be able to add text to these PDFs and email them to Nancy. A few forms will need to be printed so you can sign them. If you need the office to print these for you, just let us know.

2. Background Checks
If you already have a background check, please get a copy to us prior to your first day of work. For us, background checks are valid for five years. Most education majors at Miami have a background check done annually. Simply ask Miami to send us copies.

If you do not have a current background check, please keep reading:

  • If you have lived in Ohio for the last five years, you only need an FBI background check completed.
  • There are two different types of background checks—BCI (which is the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation) and the FBI. Both background forms look identical except for “BCI” ad “FBI” in one place on the forms.
  • If you had a background check done for your Ohio teaching license (even for substitute teaching), we can look up the date online.
  • If you need a background check for the Ohio Department of Education, they must receive it directly from the Attorney General’s Office which means you need to check the ODE box on the form, in addition to having a copy sent to McGuffey.

To obtain a background check, go to the Miami University Police station on Route 73, next to Ditmer Parking Lot. Complete and print the Background Check Form, pre-filled out with McGuffey’s mailing address.

An FBI background check is $36. Both BCI (Ohio) and FBI costs $60. Depending on the reason for volunteering, McGuffey may be able to pay for part or all of your background check. Please see the office ahead of time for a check made payable to Miami Police. Checks are typically mailed to the school within ten business days.

3. Reading
Employee Handbook, note especially our Code of Conduct on Page XX (coming soon).

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