Visiting writer: Cathy Wagner

Writer Cathy Wagner made another visit to McGuffey recently. She talked to students about poetry as pieces of art. They started with word association games and then created poems that didn’t necessarily make sense, but were filled with amazing sounds. Our young writers had to use only words from nature articles, and together wrote a poem about cats.


Winters in America are white.
The tall cat is a small duck.
He is in the commercial in 1974 in Florida at Palm Beach.
Common dog, why can’t you be its bud?
Long its Canada when leaves removed Christmas needles hold a tree.
Black and white, white and gray, and perhaps a rare blue.
The flesh has blisters and is brown and green.
The Brewster is a yellow-breasted warbler that bobs its tail and has black stripes on its face with brown on its sides.
The cat is frozen with big ears.
It can be small and odorous.
Black cats in Mexico and Canada fight monkeys from the Arctic with claws.
Bright yellow breasted black-stiped.
A leaf is hairy with an egg.

Thank you so much for your visit, Cathy!

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