Vertebrates, Invertebrates, and Insects

The Primary Unit is off and running with our year-long study of animals. After discussions last semester of living/non-living things, we branched out to living things with a backbone, vertebrates like us, and living things without a backbone, invertebrates. Next we studied insects, a group of invertebrates that have 6 legs and 3 main body parts. It was exciting to see pictures of many different types of insects and learn that some scientists guess there are 30 million types of insects on our planet. At any given time, scientist think there may be 10 quintillion individual insects alive on Earth! 

We have had many hands on works to help explore and understand vertebrates, invertebrates, and insects. Kindergarteners explored how Octopi can squeeze through tiny spaces by experimenting with paper plates and baggies of colored water. All Primary students used photographs and corresponding x-rays to see which are vertebrates and and which are invertebrates. Photographs were used to sort invertebrates and vertebrate. With lucite cubes, students could see insects from every angle. Relief plates were available to make crayon art rubbings. Model insects were used for counting in math and we even had a tool to simulate what an insect sees through compound eyes. Puzzles and stuffed animal puppets are always a great way to explore as well. 

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