Upper unit prints SOAR shirts

McGuffey’s SOAR program began on May 6th!

SOAR stands for Students Outside, Active and Running. It happens at McGuffey each year in the spring. We set up a course that is 1/7th of a mile, and the students run/walk/sing/hop/eat-their-lunch as they go around the course at lunch recess. At the end of each lap, the students’ cards are given a hole punch. When they complete a mile, they get a foot charm for the bead-chain necklace we provide. As they complete various milestones, there are also other prizes.

Other than the wonderful fun of SOAR, there is a community service aspect. Students are asked to collect pledges for the number of miles they will complete, and the proceeds are then given to the Oxford Community Choice Pantry.

The upper unit designed a logo to celebrate the 2011 SOAR program. Once they completed the design, they made a trip to the Wire & Twine studio to learn about screen printing and make the shirts. The Upper Unit will hand screen a shirt for each student at school!

Special thanks to all the parent volunteers helping to coordinate SOAR and to Wire & Twine for helping us with the shirts!

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