Upper Unit: Looking at mold and playing with virtual (but pretend) money

The Upper Unit is continuing exploration in the Kingdom of Fungi. This week we are beginning to take a look at mold. Students began their individual bread mold experiments this week, writing their hypothesis (what will cause mold to grow faster? slower?), setting up and conducting their experiment, and recording their daily observations. The students have lots of neat ideas of future experiments to try, either here or at home.

The Stock Market Game (SMG) has begun. This year we will be doing something different. Instead of playing for only 10 weeks at a time which we have done in the past, we will be playing for most of the year (until April). Each team will include a student from each of the Intermediate and Upper groups. On Friday, teams will be announced and students will have an opportunity to begin purchasing stocks with their virtual $100,000. In the past, we have found that 10 weeks is too short a time for students to get a real feel for the changes in their stocks and the market as a whole. This year we will get to see what happens with our projections about a stock’s activity over a longer period of time. So, here’s hoping that everyone makes lots of money.

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