Town Hall Meeting 2016

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Today, we held our annual start-of-the-year Town Hall Meeting with students from all classrooms at McGuffey. Our theme this year was community.

As has become tradition, our meeting started off with an open mic for anyone who wanted to tell a joke. (We had quite a few variations of the orange/banana knock-knock jokes this year.) Next, students worked in their mixed-age groups to answer one of three questions:

What is community?

What can we do to help our McGuffey community?

How do we make McGuffey a kinder community?

After spending about 15 minutes discussing these questions in small groups and writing responses onto posters, everyone gathered together to share their responses and listen to the ideas that their friends and classmates had come up with. We plan to hang these posters around the school for all to see throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re here.

Finally, we wrapped up the Town Hall Meeting with the year’s first Sing-Along! Elizabeth and her ukulele tribe students led the entire school through “Daddy’s Whiskers” and “Count on Me.” Today was a wonderful opportunity to get together and talk about how to expand and extend the sense of community that we’ve established here at McGuffey, and we’re looking forward to continuing this conversation on many levels all year long.

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