Tiny Life

This unit of Science really takes some imagination! Last week Primary students were talking about the living things that exist that we can’t even see. Just in time for cold and flu season, they talked about viruses and bacteria. While some of them are good for us, others can make us pretty sick. Another great reason to keep washing our hands!

The class also talked about how they can see the effects of tiny life. The pumpkin they’ve been pounding is beginning to look pretty mushy. They put it outside, and are watching the effect of the tiny life that is helping it decompose.

Students put some of their lunch leftovers into a bin and have been watching the result of microbes at work. By the time they walked in after the long weekend, things were looking pretty different! The class put some of the mold under the microscope to get a closer look.

Always a favorite are the plush microbes. Teachers do explain that real microbes aren’t quite as adorable, but these cuddly versions always seem to make microbes a bit less intimidating.

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