Time to start reading!

Our annual Read-a-Thon starts today!

Your child should be receiving a book record that looks like the one pictured above. This record allows your child to note the books he or she reads as well as keep track of their sponsors. (There’s a story about the gnome—we’ll detail that in a future blog post!)

This is an event for all students, kindergarten through eighth grade. Depending on your child’s reading ability, they may count books that they have read themselves or have been read to them. Each parent is encouraged to use their discretion to choose the best path for their own child.

Please remember that this is not a competition! Students are encouraged to read at their own level and their own speed, simply doing their personal best. We will not be comparing results between students and classes. Our purpose is simply to encourage students to read and give them a way in which they can support their school.

Again, if you have any questions? Please contact Janet Kretschmer.

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