Third Graders Visit Glen Helen

Lower Elementary students who will be bridging to the Upper Unit visited Glen Helen for the day recently and had a great time. The weather was beautifully warm and sunny; we saw the Glen at its spring best.

We were met by the director of the Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center, Michael Blackwell, and Cindy, one of the naturalists. Cindy showed us the lodge and the cafeteria and then took us on a wonderful hike. The students visited the waterfall, the Helen tree, solved puzzles on the trail, visited the famous Yellow Spring, found a secret cave behind a waterfall, and then hiked back to the lodge for lunch.

Lunch was entertaining and tasty as always, with vegetarian and gluten free options. Several students even got to participate by helping out with serving, cleanup and lunchtime activities. After lunch, we toured Sycamore dorm, where McGuffey students stay each year. 

This day trip is very helpful in introducing students to Glen Helen and preparing them for our four-day Outdoor School experience next year. Special thanks to Neal Sullivan, our wonderful driver and chaperone. 

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