“The Girl Who Could Only Sing Three Notes”


Students in kindergarten through sixth grade were treated to a spectacular operetta this morning, given by a troupe of Miami University students. The operetta was titled “The Girl Who Could Only Sing Three Notes.”  The performers used the story to demonstrate how music sounds with a limited number of notes available and how it sounds when there are many more. The story and music were written by Howard Blanning, Assistant Professor of Miami’s Theater Department, who also accompanied the performance on banjo.

This was their premiere performance and soon they will be taking the show on the road to Czechoslovakia. What a treat and education for our students, who are just starting work on their own musical, to see such a wonderful performance and hear the Miami students have been working hard for three months to learn it.

The character who could only sing three notes was was named Solami. We couldn’t have planned it better since our students have been playing the “Salami game” to work on those very same notes, So La Mi.

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