Primary: The First Great Lesson

In the Primary unit with Carla and Kris this week, the students had the First of The Five Great Lessons. The five stories are designed to be impressionistic-to provide elementary students with a broad, “big picture” view of the world and life. The stories are meant to be exciting, dramatic, and mysterious. As the students were walking into the dark room, harp music was playing and all the experiments were covered with towels. As Carla told the story of the universe, each experiment was uncovered in sequential order, starting with the bursting of a black balloon with silver stars. After the story was told, claps were heard from the students, and another said “That was awesome.” Maria Montessori would be proud!

Everything covered up and ready for the kids.

Students waiting patiently for the First Great Lesson.

Galaxies and stars are being formed.

Which is heavier honey, water,  or oil?

The day after one student put this on the white board.  Sure makes the teacher feel good.

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