Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You again!

As the school year is winding down, the musical is as well. All the props have been itemized and stored. The students’ scores have been decorated and will be sent home. Student self-evaluations are done and DVDs are being ordered – have you ordered yours?

But before we can call The Phantom Tollbooth done, we have a last and very important task: delivering the Thank You List. It’s a long one, so grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and read on.

No school can put on a musical without a lot, and I mean a lot, of help.

Our first Musical Steering Committee was phenomenal. Tom Duvall spent countless hours devising and creating both the look of our show as well as sets and props. Marcia McIntosh found whatever props were not made and helped Tom make the rest. She also organized the backstage area so that the students knew where everything was for their cues. Maggie Cooper took the lead on hospitality and rocked it, even swinging a supply of pizza for the entire student body. Amy Oberschlake and several others brought snacks and desserts or helped with clean-up tasks. Per Bloland wrote a piece of software making rehearsals so much easier for all. He also manned the sound board each and every performance. Jack Grubb helped advise the first ever student marketing committee and gave us spectacular ideas on how to make the yearly musical sustainable. Nancy Hawthorne was a wonderful committee member and supportive head-of-school, leading the charge into change for the better.

The entire staff lent their time and students, showing great understanding to make the show a success. They were flexible and supportive of both performers and staff. Staff members also worked every performance, helping backstage in a myriad of ways. Wendy Duvall designed our programs again this year. Alex Price came to every performance to run the lights.

Parents were integral this year. Jim McWilliams spent many weekends and evenings helping Tom build. Lori Bridgers sewed 4 beautiful costumes. Rich Bohon and his son Brendan created our moving tollbooth. Amy Lamborg created the enormous trees. Juan Carlos Albarran made the reversible clouds and rocks. Shane Coffman, with his son Thatcher, built Milo’s car. Chris Taylor came to rehearsals and all the performances to help Tom be a stage hand. Many parents helped backstage and with hospitality and came by Tom’s shop to lend a hand.

All that being said, the spouses and children of all of these special people had to work, too. Spouses watched children and took on extra duties so this work could be done and children may have missed their parents while they were working on the show – so thank you to the families, too!

A big shout out and thank you to Chris Glass as well, who came and took incredible photos of our production and made them available to all. The Oxford Community Foundation supplied the grant to buy the music. The Oxford Community Arts Center provided space and grace. LaRosa’s donated enough pizza to feed all of those hungry performers!!

There may be people left out on this list, omitted by lack of brain cells and no other reason. You are all so appreciated.

Now, what shall we put on next year……?

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