Thank You Butler Rural Electric!

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We have a new addition to our school grounds this year, thanks to a grant from Butler Rural Electric Company! Butler Rural provided $1000 to help McGuffey purchase a Automated External Defibrillator (AED). For those of you who are Butler Rural customers, these grant funds come from rounding up your bill each month.

The American Heart Association states that for every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation the chances of survival decrease by 7–10%. There are countless stories of how AEDs have saved lives. We are grateful to BREC for this critical resource for our school community.

The AED is located just inside the Main Building kitchen door. A sticker on the exterior door notes that an AED is inside and a sign just before you enter the kitchen indicates the AED is inside the “closet” area. Please take a moment to locate the AED the next time you are here.

Big thanks to Karen Staley, parent to recent graduate James, for her help with writing this grant application!

As a part of our school safety plan, all staff have first aid and CPR training (which includes use of an AED). Many staff have their certifications in Child Abuse Prevention and Communicable Diseases. This past summer, staff participated in Active Shooter Response training, courtesy of Miami University Police. Also over the summer, we were pleased to offer a babysitter training course for middle school students, extending our safety focus to our Practical Life curriculum.


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