Tessellations Stir Our Vision of the World

Working with the 3/4/5/6 groups in doing M. C. Escher inspired tessellations has been mindblowing fun. The students started with two equilateral triangles and made drawings on one triangle that matched the sides of the other. Then, after making multiple copies of the drawings, we cut them out and tiled them together on a large sheet of heavy paper. It’s hard to see here, but when you stand back from the finished projects you can almost see math and art spin together in a most appealing way. Come down to the art room before winter break and be quite amazed.

Escher was inspired by the beautiful Moorish tiles and designs of medieval Spain. His works are one of the most commonly displayed art posters in the Math Academia. He makes even seemingly impossible of objects look so real! -Liz Woedl

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