Tending to Our Gardens

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Now that springtime weather has begun to settle in, students in all grades have begun to tend to the various gardens on McGuffey’s grounds. Every class has a garden of some kind in their outdoor classroom area, and we’ve learned that gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, whether we plant them in the ground or in a container like a pot or a box, and whether we grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, or any other kinds of plants.

Gardening, along with all of its individual steps such as weeding, planting, watering, trimming, and harvesting, forms an integral part of our practical life curriculum at McGuffey. It helps students feel more connected to the environment and to their outdoor classroom areas, and helps them become attuned to the changing of the seasons and the way that these changes can impact our daily lives. Students will continue working in the gardens as our school year begins to draw to a close.

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