Talking about spring in Primary


While we were away for break, the seasons shifted to spring! Primary has been taking note of the signs of spring around us—warmer weather, rain storms, spots of green peeking out of the ground, and many birds returning to our outdoor classroom. We also discussed the fact that spring is a time of new life for both plants and animals. This is a time when plants emerge from seeds and many animal babies are born. During studio, kindergartners took a walk through the school grounds and the adjoining woods, gathering signs of spring to bring back for our nature tray.

Later in the week, one of our parents brought us American Toad eggs and Northern Leopard Frog tadpoles. We’re excited to watch them grow and move through the stages of metamorphosis.

In this final stretch of school, as we plant our garden, we will begin our discussion of plants. We will even have some baby animals visit our classroom! These last few months are going to be very exciting for our young scientists.

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