Taking care of our teeth

Primary continues to study the human body this week. This morning, Primary students  were treated to a visit by McGuffey mom, Jaimie Ross. Jaimie is a hygienist and told us she cleans and takes x-rays of other people’s teeth. She talked to us about how important it is to take care of our teeth. We were reminded to brush our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. She showed us how to brush in circles on both the outside and inside of our teeth and told us it is just as important to brush our tongue.

We learned that sugary foods can cause cavities and that lots of drinks contain a surprising amount of sugar. Using a model on our science shelf, we got to see the roots and nerves inside the tooth.

Jaimie modeled the gear that hygienists wear and then let us try on our own gloves and mask while checking the teeth of a dinosaur. Most students decided dinosaur needs to work on her brushing skills. Thank you for visiting, Jaimie!

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