Take 5 and Origami

The Intermediate and Upper Units have performed their fairy tales for Preprimary and were both a huge success. The Primary Unit will be performing today! This last week of school, in between the trip to Glen Helen and general festivity and chaos, we played a bean bag game to the tune of Dave Burbeck Quartet’s Take 5 which enabled everyone get the feel of a 5/4 meter. We also learned The Cup Game, a staple in Orff classrooms wherein each person plays the same rhythm and movements on a paper cup ending with passing their cup to the next person. It’s a wonderful game, full of fun and laughter, which also reinforces keeping a beat. You can check out a video of a group learning the cup game on You Tube!


Our Visual Arts students have been using maps and origami paper to create cranes, pinwheels and other designs. Origami can be vary challenging work even for accomplished artists but it is amazing how many kids pick it up quickly. Some people more adept to math and precise work excel in paper-folding that conforms to certain steps and outcomes. There is also a more free-form kind of paper-folding that is just as challenging to others because of it’s seemingly unpredictable outcomes. Like any skill, repeated practice is what eventually gives shapes to wonderful creations.


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