Susie Lute

Susie began doing molecular biology research in college, and continued to work as a researcher for the next ten years. After a few years of teaching English composition and doing graduate work in English literature, she returned to molecular biology in 2003. Susie attended a Montessori preschool as a child. While researching Montessori methodology again as an adult with her own children in mind, Susie realized that Montessori teaching would allow her to combine her love for language, science, mathematics and teaching children. In 2006 Susie and Wendy Duvall founded McGuffey’s Preschool Playground program, and launched the Primary program together in 2011. Susie joined the Upper Unit Team in 2014 with a focus on mathematics, science, ELA, physical education, and practical life. She is now the lead teacher in the Middle School (Grades 7-8), and teaches science, ELA, Practical Life, and Peace.

Susie’s two children graduated from McGuffey. She loves reading, hiking, and wildlife-watching in the natural areas around Oxford.

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