Summer Reading: Five Minute Montessori DIY Mystery Box


This week, we’re sharing a post from one of our favorite Montessori blogs, How We Montessori. This post, like many of the posts on How We Montessori, provides an educational activity that can be easily prepared at home and can be presented by a parent or family member, and includes quotes from Maria Montessori that help to explain how this activity helps children learn about the world around them.

Five Minute Montessori: DIY Mystery Box
The idea is to isolate the child’s sense of touch. They can identify objects by touch only. We like to play this in lots of different ways. By the child feeling a box with lots of items. As they touch or discover with their hands each object they try to identify it. Or you can say to them “can you find me the pinecone” and they need to search for that one item.

PLEASE NOTE: MMS Summer Reading does not necessarily reflect McGuffey’s opinions, but simply offers thought-provoking insight into how children learn and grow.
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