Studying Civilizations in Lower Elementary


This semester, students in Grades 1-3 have been studying the major human civilizations throughout history. They began in January by learning about the ways that primitive people found and made shelters, hunted and obtained food, and got from one place to another (students were quite startled to think through the consequences of not being able to travel anywhere that you couldn’t reach by foot!).

Last month, students studied Ancient Egyptian civilizations. The construction of the pyramids and the process of mummification were two aspects of their study that students regarded with the most interest, and many students used modeling dough and block templates to build their own pyramids.

As we began the month of March, our focus moved on to Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Lots of students enjoyed building the Colosseum out of wooden blocks and marveling at its intricate shape. Several students also began working on research papers about various aspects of Ancient Greek and Roman life, such the typical diets of people in those civilizations, the large number of countries and areas that were conquered by the Greek and Roman empires, and the origins and methods of the beautiful glassworks that they produced.

Our study of civilizations will continue through Spring!

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