Stock Market results and field trip news.

The Stock Market Game has concluded. Our elementary teams finished in 6th, 14th, 15th, and 29th places out of 37. Our intermediate teams finished in 13th and 16th places out of 25. Next fall, I will give students the opportunity to choose between the 10-week and year long games. So, watch those stocks over the summer and give us some advice in September.

The 7th graders are continuing their work in Algebra 1. We will be working on solving more complicated equations and developing problem solving techniques such as using charts to organize information.

The 6th graders have been introduced to algebraic expressions and will be looking at evaluating these expressions for given values of the variable.

We are still on track for our field trip to Rookwood Pottery and the Findlay Market on May 28th (Tuesday). We have enough drivers and parent chaperones. Thank you very much to those parents who volunteered to help out (Julie, Jacque, Amy O., and Karen).

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