Stock Market Game

On February 21st the fourth and fifth graders began competing in the spring session of the Stock Market Game (SMG). We have four teams. Each team has two members, one third grader and one fourth grader. When Model United Nations is finished, the 6th graders will join these teams.

As part of the SMG, the fourth and fifth graders have been learning about how to choose a stock, commissions, and the difference between a product and a company.

On March 10th, our teams were in 24th, 60th, 80th, and 104th place out of 131 teams from all over the Cincinnati area. I should also note that only $2,539.05 separates our team in 24th place with the team in first place. There are still six weeks to go in this session.

One story that Marcia would like to share is about the team that purchased 1,200 shares of SKY thinking that it was Skyline Chili. After three weeks, they discovered that it is really Skyline Corporation—a company that make mobile and pre-fab housing!

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