Statement for the Media

The McGuffey Montessori School has been working with the Oxford Police Department to assist with the investigation of its former Head of School, Mr. Allen. As always, our school’s first priority is its families, and we are working diligently to keep them informed. We are grateful that our students were not harmed in any way.

Mr. Allen was terminated in May because of his failure to perform the duties of Head of School. Other than suspecting misappropriation of funds, we were not aware of any criminal activity at the time of his termination.

The Board of Trustees followed a standard process when interviewing Mr. Allen. He passed a criminal background check and the Board contacted all his references. There was nothing in Mr. Allen’s background that would have been cause for concern.

Please feel free to contact our legal counsel with any additional questions. Robinson, Lipnickey and Jones at (513) 523-4111.

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