Starting the school year in science


Upper Elementary Science
The Upper Elementary has started their year in science with a unit in Chemistry. So far they have been given six unknown substances, and have conducted various tests using their senses and observation skills to try to identify them. We are also enjoying the NOVA show “Hunting the Elements” and working with the Periodic Table of Elements. Coming up, the students are working on individual research projects on a topic of their choice based on the “First Great Lesson” in Montessori (How the Universe Came to Be).

Middle School Science
The Middle School students are continuing their study of Flight and Rocketry this fall. They have begun with studying parachutes, including their history and design. They have each created a design that they have tested to see its rate of descent. We have also discussed lighter than air flight, including hot air balloons, and launched a solar hot air balloon at school. Next, the students will be designing their own kites as they begin to study heavier than air flight.

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