Spontaneous creation


There are magical moments that happen in a classroom, and often they occur when a teacher stands back and does nothing at all. One of our greatest tasks is to prepare the environment—to fill it with the tools a child needs to discover, explore, and learn.

Right before spring break we had one of those moments in the Primary classroom. It started with just  a handful of children that were drawing and making masks. Then they decided to put on a play. Sensing the excitement, other children joined the effort—crafting costumes and contributing ideas. By the end of the morning the entire class was involved, and they put on a play. The teachers were the audience, since every child was a participant!

Their play was about ancient Egypt, which we had just discussed. Older children helped make masks for younger ones who haven’t yet mastered scissors and glue. Some took the lead in directing, and we even heard them using some of the teachers’ techniques to help quiet the group and get their attention! Without our prompt, a cooperative, interdisciplinary project emerged. These are the moments we notice how much these children have grown and come into their own. We are so proud of their hard work!

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