Art, Music, Extended Day and Science Thanks

“I am a bookbinder!” remarked one of the students who made their own sketchbook. Primary, Intermediate, and Upper students are now filling their sketchbooks with one drawing per day, working very carefully. Some students have even started to make books of their own design. We’ll be scheduling special times to work on specific drawing skills every week.

This week we had our very first inside extended day. We had great fun with board games and Play-Doh. Here’s to more fun in the afternoon!

In Children’s Choir, last Friday afternoon, children from all three upper levels traveled to Chile and saw Esau, musically speaking. Choco-la-te is a Chilean children’s game combining a spoken tongue twister with the children’s first accompanying instrument – themselves. While reciting the tasty text they used their hands and fists in a pattern to mark the beat. To further prepare for accompanying themselves on musical instruments, the children began learning a rondo (in which a theme alternates with contrasting themes, often in an ABA pattern) on another tongue twisting text, I Saw Esau. The text is sung and is filled with alliteration, assonance, homophones and homonyms and the children accompanied the song with a more complicated accompaniment of claps, pats and snaps.

A Great Thank You!!! Last Saturday, a group of dedicated parents came out to help Heidi and Al begin to reinstate the science classroom after all of the construction this summer. We now have bookshelves full of enticing science books on every topic, an inviting magazine rack full of fascinating journals, an unpacked, clean and organized kitchen, and a wonderful computer docking station! There were also a few little things that don’t show up on photos as well, such as the doors of cabinets flipped so they could open, etc… Its fabulous, and the students all appreciate it so much. One student asked how we did everything so fast. The answer: with a lot of help and hard work. There is still more to do, so look for a work day in the next few weeks if you would like to help. Again, Thank you to everyone!


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