SOARing at Miami Natural Trails

This past Saturday, many McGuffey students brought their families and friends out to Miami Natural Trails for a McGuffey Community Hike. There were 20 students that hiked a three mile loop, and they brought along with them 22 friends and family members. The miles earned on the hiked were allowed to count towards their totals for SOAR (Students Outside and Running). The weather and the trails were beautiful, and we were a grand site as we began the hike, snaking along Harkers Run on the trail. Faster folks ran ahead, while others went more slowly, examining wildflowers and mud puddles. Towards the end, we passed by three snakes sunning themselves by the creek. As we met back at the parking lot off of Rt 73, many students cleaned their shoes and refreshed themselves with a dip in the creek.

A group of six strong students and three adults chose to complete the loop again, this time running. We ran in three small groups, and every half mile we regrouped at a trail intersection, happy to talk and catch our breath. By the pond, we watched a painted turtle about the size of a quarter make its way into the water and swim away. The students were wonderful- happy, working hard, and determined to run the course despite the warm afternoon and their tired legs.

To all of the parents who came and helped by bringing your children (or others’ children), and by setting such a great example for the students by being outside and active yourselves, I want to say Thank You. It was such a great turn-out and I had a lovely day with our Community. I’ll be looking forward to doing this again, definitely for next year’s SOAR program, and possibly before then. I will keep everyone posted. I am so happy to a part of such a wonderful group. :) Heidi

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