SOAR Has Begun!

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Students school-wide are currently participating in SOAR (Students Outside and Running) every day during recess!

SOAR is a McGuffey program that many students look forward to every year. A course is laid out around the playgrounds for students to run or walk laps. They accumulate miles during lunch recess. The number of needed laps for each mile depends on the grade-level course. For each mile, students receive a small plastic “foot” charm for a necklace.

Collecting these charms is one of the most exciting parts of the program for many students, as there are lots of color varieties available (including glow-in-the-dark, tie-dye, glitter, translucent colors, and more), but students are not allowed to look inside the bag during the selection process. It’s all luck of the draw!

SOAR is also a fundraiser for McGuffey. Students can find sponsors who agree to donate either a lump sum for the total number of miles that a given student runs, or to donate an incremental amount per mile. Donation forms have been sent home in bags and have also been emailed out in McGuffey’s most recent news update from last week.

We’d like to thank our parent volunteers for all the help they’ve provided so far and all the help they will continue to provide until SOAR ends later this month, and we’d also like to thank our Upper Unit teachers Marcia McIntosh and Mark Radlinski for coordinating SOAR this year. But most of all, of course, we’d like to thank our students for their enthusiasm for this program and for all the energy they put into running these laps each day!

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