Shakespeare Uptown

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Our focus in Social Studies has been the Renaissance and Shakespeare has been a large part of our look into literature.

We were thrilled that we were able to be a part of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s “Free Shakespeare in the Park” in Oxford. McGuffey students enjoyed a Midsummer Night’s Dream and lots of fun activities prior to the performance.

One of the activity booths was Sonnet-matic.  Corey Mollette was the writer who if given 5 words would compose a sonnet. McGuffey students took the challenge and offered these words: Yoda, Silly, Dodge Charger, Garbage, Darth Vader.

The sonnet:
Darth Vader breathed, his mask grown black
Awaiting Luke’s joyous return
But lo, his fiendish plans were turned back
For the silly cow had missed its turn
In his Dodge Charger
Yoda steered using the force to guide
But in the distance, a shape grew larger
A garbage can? The force had lied
So Darth waited, helmet in hands,
Fearing he’s never see his son again
In a chamber in the Death Star, alone he stands
Much to his dismay, his almost chagrin
But the door burst forth, in a moment’s time
Darth cried with joy—his son had arrived!

We were so fortunate to experience such a lovely evening while we watched one of the Bard of Avon’s most beloved plays.

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