Second graders visit Glen Helen

Each year, third through sixth grades go to Glen Helen for three days and two nights. Students love this trip to the fantastic outdoor education center, but for some children, it is their first extended journey away from their parents. It is inevitable that some children get a bit nervous.

To ease the transition, McGuffey has instituted a new facet to this program. Each year, the second graders will go to Glen Helen for a day trip to introduce them to the facility and give them a sense of familiarity before they spend the night.

On Monday, the second graders made their trip to Glen Helen. They got to see the dormitories, and check out everything from bunk beds to showers. They investigated the kitchen, learned about mealtimes and programming, and even got to meet the newest resident at Glen Helen—Marigold, the two-legged turtle.

The day also included a hike, exploring just a fraction of the Glen’s inspiring property. On the way home, we asked, on a scale of one to five, how much the kids enjoyed their trip, and the unanimous answer was, “Ten!”

I think we can declare this trip a success!

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