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Safety Guidelines  

Revised 7.15.21, effective immediately.

McGuffey’s protocols are based on the judgment and assessment of the head of school and staff in the classrooms who are with our students every day. The CDC recommendations, for example, are based on national statistical trends, not on the current concerns or issues within Oxford or within McGuffey. Please note the revision date above. Parents will be informed by email when there are substantive edits to this page.

We have been undeniably successful in preventing spread of Covid at school. This was aided by timely communication from parents in the event of potential or known exposures, symptoms and positive test results. Thank you for continuing to communicate with us as soon as you are aware of any of these in your household.

Starting the 2021-22 School Year
Out of an abundance of caution for our unvaccinated students and the Delta variant—showing up even in those who have been vaccinated—we plan to continue to wear masks this fall whenever we are indoors. Students and staff will be able to take their masks off outdoors as long as they are not on top of one another. 
  • We will continue to wash hands throughout the day including upon arrival, before and after eating, between handling works and when moving between classrooms or buildings.
  • Students will continue to social distance. The latest research says that three feet is as effective as six.
  • Spaces will continue to be well ventilated with fresh air, fans facing outdoors and air purifiers. We do not plan to keep as many doors and windows open as last year.
  • We will no longer take temperatures in car line as students arrive.
  • We will no longer stagger arrivals. See our daily schedule for specifics.
We look forward to restoring many of our traditions such as Sing-a-Long, Partners, trips and field trips, combined recess for Grades 1-8, and birthday celebrations. These activities benefit students in multiple ways socially, cognitively and academically—and we have dearly missed them.

We will continue to communicate with you should there be any cases or exposure—usually within a few hours of receiving this information. We maintain a dashboard (above).

Our procedures for exposure or symptoms are below, they are unchanged from April 2021. 

Exposure Asymptomatic

  • If a student or member of a student’s household has been exposed, is asymptomatic and has a negative test around day 5-7, the student can return after 7 days. The school has a limited number of rapid home test kits available.
  • If a student or member of a student’s household is fully vaccinated and are exposed and asymptomatic they do NOT have to quarantine or be tested. 

If a student or member of a student’s household is symptomatic and if the cause has been determined not to be COVID-19, the fever and symptoms must have abated for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school. If a student develops symptoms at school and is sent home, sibling(s) will also return home. 

For students who tend to have allergies, we encourage parents to get a letter from your physician stating your child’s typical allergy symptoms.

There are no restrictions on travel. Please let us know if your child or someone in your household travels out of the country.

There are no restrictions on visitors to your household. Please let us know if someone visits your household who has traveled out of the country in the last two weeks.

Proof of vaccination may be requested.

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