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Covid-19 Guidelines  

Revised 4.13.21

McGuffey’s protocols are based on the judgment and assessment of the head of school and staff in the classrooms with our children every day, not by the CDC or any state or local entity. The CDC recommendations, for example, are based on national statistical trends, not on the current concerns or issues within Oxford or within McGuffey. Please note the revision date above.

Exposure Asymptomatic

  • If a student or member of a student’s household has been exposed, is asymptomatic and has a negative test around day 5-7, the student can return after 7 days.
  • If a student or member of a student’s household is fully vaccinated and are exposed and asymptomatic they do NOT have to quarantine or be tested. 

If a student or member of a student’s household is symptomatic and if the cause has been determined not to be COVID-19, the fever and symptoms must have abated for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school. If a student develops symptoms at school and is sent home, sibling(s) will also return home. 


  • If an unvaccinated member of a student’s household needs to make an essential trip, the student is required to quarantine for 10 days upon the family member’s return.
  • If a fully vaccinated member of a student’s household needs to make an essential trip, the student is not required to quarantine. 
  • Unvaccinated students who travel are required to quarantine for 10 days upon return. 

Families may host someone who is vaccinated without the student having to quarantine or get tested.

Per CDC recommendations, we request that all travel be made by car rather than public transportation whenever possible. 

Proof of vaccination may be requested.


“Solidarity among human beings is very beautiful, arising from antiquity and projecting itself as it does into the future, binding the past to the present and the present to the future, for all eternity.”

– Dr. Montessori spoke in 1949, in San Remo, in a lecture entitled
Human Solidarity in Time and Space

Hello McGuffey Families,

Welcome to this new day in Montessori education where, activated by a world pandemic, we are called to adapt and to return fully to our Montessori method. This document is a consolidation of the many developing resources for schools to assist your family in returning to school under new conditions while continuing to offer adults and children a safe and vibrant Montessori learning experience.

Our goal is to be open every day for every student. To accomplish this we need to have procedures in place that will mitigate risk of infection, knowing that we can’t eliminate risk entirely. We will establish and reinforce a culture of health, safety, and shared responsibility. This guide presumes that there will be times where we will be called to work both remotely and within the prepared environment of the school. 

While I know we won’t all agree with every aspect of our reopening plans, you can rest assured that the plans are a result of our staff conducting broad research, task forces regularly putting together ideas and plans, and taking serious consideration of our responsibility to our students, our families, and our community.

We will all be called upon to compromise, remain flexible, trust one another, and be hopeful. 

I have great optimism for the coming year and can hardly wait to see our new and returning students in carline starting August 25th.


Nancy Hawthorne
Head of School

Safe Return to School v.2, updated 8.23.20

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