“There is no cheaper or more effective way to develop learner autonomy. Reading is, by its very nature, a private, individual activity. It can be done anywhere, at any time of day. Readers can start and stop at will, and read at the speed they are comfortable with. They can visualize and interpret what they read in their own way. They can ask themselves questions (explicit or implicit), notice things about the language, or simply let the story carry them along.”    

—Alan Maley “Extensive reading: why it is good for our students…and for us.”

For two weeks each spring, McGuffey students participate in an all-school Read-a-Thon. It involves LOTS of reading, mystery readers who read to each class, visits from Reade the Gnome and garden gnomes who move around the classrooms at night. We celebrate at the end with an all-school pizza party.

This year you can donate through our website below or send cash or check as usual. Currently enrolled families are also able to make their donation through TADS by sending an email to the office.

By sponsoring a McGuffey reader, you support our reading program across all the classrooms. All donations to McGuffey’s Read-a-Thon are tax deductible.


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