Read-a-thon Shopping Spree

books books2books3Armed with Read-a-thon donations, several teachers went to the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale last week to make purchases for our hungry readers. If you have never been to this semi-annual sale, it is a pretty amazing experience.

Using $1000 of the funds raised from last winter’s Read-a-thon, we made over 225 selections across all classes! Almost all the books were 50% off, some even more. We bought fiction and non-fiction and were thrilled to add to our resources for our rotating Science and Social Studies curricula. The receipt was so long it took six Lower Elementary students to hold it.

Many thanks to all who donated during the 2014 Read-a-thon. In addition to this large book purchase, we have been using funds to make book acquisitions all summer and fall as we culled and upgraded our our collection.

A shout out to parent Tamise Ironstrack who is earning Family Work Hours embossing all these books over break so we can shuttle them out to our classroom libraries in January. We will save some books for the 2015 Read-a-thon which will begin February 10th.

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