Primary: Centrifugal force, research reports, Art and PE

In the Primary unit (1/2/3) with Carla and Kris this week, the students continued to learn and have fun with centrifugal force. We talked about roller coasters having centrifugal force. When the roller coaster just went straight, was that centrifugal force? If not, what was it? How many loops made a fun roller coaster? Then Carla brought out insulation for piping so the students could make their own roller coaster. Afterwards the students wrote in their Science journals explaining Centrifugal force and drawing their roller coasters.

Research reports!

Liz and Kris are using an every other week rotation, one week PE, one week Art, to allow Primary students more in depth exploration of each subject.

In Primary PE we will be trying to emphasize enjoying the process of learning new skills as well as the enjoyment of the competitive performance. It’s hard to avoid competitiveness in PE and we know that children perform better and are happier when they focus on the process and on the enjoyment of performing/competing. Kris hopes to emphasize the enjoyment of the process in PE, helping everyone to become more active and healthy individuals with a love of sports and fitness. Field Hockey was a recent game.

Last week, Primary Art students used a variety of pastels, crayons and pencils to draw autumn leaves and trees. Next week, they will be begin to paint their silhouettes on the big Empty Bowls banners. Though we wear aprons when we work, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are be good days to wear grubby clothes in case of paint drips.

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