Primary talks about vertebrates and invertebrates


Last week the Primary unit talked about vertebrates and invertebrates.

Vertebrates have backbones that support their bodies. We took a look at our arms and legs and noticed how strong our bones and muscles made us. We then got a closer look at another vertebrate who lives in our classroom—our class gerbil, Anna! We each had a chance to touch her backbone and watch how it supports her as she digs and climbs.

Invertebrates support their bodies in a variety of other ways, including exoskeletons, endoskeletons, and shells. Later this week we hope to have an invertebrate in our classroom as our last monarch butterfly emerges from its chrysalis! (Special thanks to McGuffey parent, Judith, for finding so many caterpillars for us this year.)

We have works on the shelves that allow children to discover the differences. Children can examine x-rays, sort animals, and investigate the life cycle.

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