Primary Pajama Read-a-thon Day!


Today in the Primary unit we had pajama day, a special day where children are invited to wear their pajamas to school instead of their regular clothes. Even the teachers wore pajamas. It’s completely silly!

We took a little time to think about what we do in our pajamas. We sleep, brush our teeth get tucked into bed, and READ! Our Read-a-thon gnome paid us a visit to see how we were doing with our reading, and gave us bracelets to help celebrate our hard work. We watched the movie versions of some of our favorite books about reading and counting, including “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”

In the afternoon we cracked out some brand new books, and invited everyone to read. We told them they could read in any spot they found comfortable. Children settled into our red chair, cozy carpets, chair forts, and (a particular favorite) even under the tables! Looking at the pictures and piecing together the story are the beginning stages of reading for the young child. We encourage our students to “read” every day!

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