Primary explores the holidays


It’s been a busy week in the Primary unit as we discussed the many holidays that happen at this time of year. Because we are a class of many faiths, we place our emphasis on traditions rather than doctrine.

During the last few days of Hanukkah, one of our first graders and his mother visited to talk about how he celebrates with his family. His old classmates were very excited to see him! They taught us about the menorah and how to spin a dreidel. Our intern, Ben, visited us during kindergarten studio where he helped us make latkes and learn to play the dreidel game.

We talked about the traditions of Christmas. Children had the opportunity to play Christmas carols on small music boxes as they spun a traditional Swedish chime. They pretended to make gingerbread cookies and even decorated a small tree. This Thursday kindergarteners will have the chance to make real gingerbread cookies for the rest of the class.

We wrapped up our unit by discussing Kwanzaa. We talked about the history of the holiday, the ceremony of lighting the kinara, enjoying a meal with family and friends, and giving small gifts. Many families play the game, mancala, during Kwanzaa. This game is simple enough for many of our children to play! Kindergarteners learned to weave Kwanzaa mats in their art studio.

This has been such a wonderful exploration! Special thanks to all our special guests who shared their traditions with us.

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