Primary goes back in time


As part of our study of the United States, Primary took a trip back in time! When the students arrived in the morning, they noticed things looked a bit different. Their classroom had been transported back to the 1800s! We ran the school day as if we were back in the time before electricity and running water, convenience stores, manufactured goods, and computers. We cleared all the “modern” materials from our classroom other than the bathroom and a box of tissues. There were no lights in the bathroom, so children took a (battery powered) lantern in with them. Washing hands took place outside with a bar of soap, using a watering can to rinse.

Children spent their day writing on slates, collecting firewood, carding wool, using a washboard, embroidering, reading, playing music, and preparing a meal. We made a community lunch, including skillet cornbread that was cooked over a fire.

We placed all our tables in rows, and held our morning meeting with the teacher at the head of the class. We had some special guests from the Upper Unit, who came to talk about the Living History experience they had during their annual four-day trip to Glen Helen last week.

We wrapped up our day with a visit from singer, Papa Joe, who brought his banjo and dressed in period clothing to sing several songs. We hope our students enjoyed this journey back in time!

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